Le TOP5 de Thom Glunt!

Son nom ne vous dit rien et ce n’est que je sous-estime vos connaissances en matière de vidéoclips. J’ai découvert Thom au balbutiement de ce blog avec cette vidéo: Meeting Of Important People (ça c’est le band)- Brittney Lane (pis ça c’est la toune). Un clip qui a demandé des heures de travail, évidemment.

De fil en aiguille pis en passant par quatre chemins, j’ai découvert le portefolio du réalisateur originaire de Pittsburgh. Ce clip d’Anti-Flag en fait parti et celui-ci de Punchline (pop punk). Fan du travail de Martin De Thurah et de la créativité de Keith Schofield, Thom a des choix de vidéoclips solides.


Voici son TOP5 vidéoclip:

Royksopp « What Else is There »
Martin De Thurah [Director] is amazing at creating the perfect atmosphere for a song. The imagery is beautiful, strong and somewhat abstract. This is by far my favorite video, I cannot stop watching it and I have forced many of my friends to watch it also.
Bat For Lashes « What’s A Girl To Do »
I watched the video being a fan of the song and was blown away by the choreography and the illusion of simplicity this video had. The more I watched the video the more perplexed I became unable to understand what happened behind the camera during some parts. No video produced for « Bat For Lashes » after has lived up to this one, in my opinion.
N.A.S.A. avec Kanye West, Santogold and Lykke Li « Gifted »
The art direction in this video blew me away. I think upon first viewing I was swelling with jealousy that I couldn’t of created an animated piece that beautiful.
Supergrass « Bad Blood »
I have enjoyed Keith Schofield’s [Director]  work for sometime and enjoy almost everything he creates but this video was one of those ideas that had to of sounded so stupid on paper but is amazing on screen. I love the surprise ending and the tracking gimmick.
Fever Ray « When I Grow Up »
Another great example of Martin De Thurah’s strong imagery. All he needs is a backyard pool and an actress and he has my full attention for the four minutes and thirty one seconds the song runs.


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