Eli Stonberg, ce jeune réalisateur!

Que faisiez-vous à 23 ans? Vous vous torchiez la face aux Foufs? Vous grimpiez sur le toit d’un char qui roule en criant: HEY, JE FAIS, DU SURF!? Moi j’étais très tannant (je m’excuse maman).

Éli a 23 ans et déjà il cumule la réalisation de plusieurs vidéoclips. Le jeune homme s’est fait les dents sur un des plus grands clips de l’histoire: Bjork- Wanderlust en tant qu’assistant-réalisateur. Pas piqué des vers.

Je l’ai rencontré par courriel (c’est ça le Web 2.0), alors qu’il préparait la sortie de deux clips concepts pour The Tune-Yards, un groupe basé à Montréal.

Where are you from exactly?

Northampton, Massachusetts.  It’s a small town in western mass, home to Smith College, Sonic Youth and the creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It’s a very liberal and artsy little place.  I now live in Los Angeles, which for better or worse, couldn’t be more different from Northampton.

Did the job of being a director choose you or you choose to be a director?

I chose it.  I’ve been pretty focused on directing music videos since the high school.  Then one summer I did an internship with Ghost Robot that really got me involved in the world of music videos.  I spent two months working on Bjork’s “Wanderlust” with Encyclopedia Pictura, which was a surreal experience.  I had known that I wanted to direct since high school, but being on that set really inspired me to pursue it in a bigger way.

How did you start working with The Masses?

I made the intro title sequence for a dublab event called the Labrat Matinee.  The Masses + dublab collaborate with each other often and Matt from the Masses was at the Matinee.  During the show they played my intro and the Daedelus video that I made.   And after the screening he asked me to come in to check out the office.

What was the hardest day of shooting you’re ever worked?

On every shoot there’s usually something that goes wrong that I could never prepare for.  On one shoot coffee got spilled on the DJ’s laptop.  On another, a huge snowstorm pretty much guaranteed that none of my extra’s showed up.  But the highlight was during my Rio En Medio video shoot in Joshua Tree.  We had climbed a tall hill to capture a beautiful view right at magic hour.  Near the top one of us must have stepped on a bee hive because suddenly we were being attacked by a swarm.  They pestered most of the crew but for some reason specifically targeted my DP.  I really wanted to get the shot but Sam (the dp) couldn’t stand still long enough to set up for the take.  So he would run around in circles avoiding the bees then I would call action just as he got into position.  Needless to say, we didn’t get a usable take.

What makes a great music video?

Haven’t really made one yet… so I’ll let you know when I figure that out.

The last movie you saw…

I just saw Where the Wild Things Are, which I liked quite a bit.  My favorite scene was when Max pops his head up through the hold in the miniature city.  When the water rushes in and creates a river around his head… so dope.

The last album you’ve heard

I’ve been listening to Freelance Whales album “Weathervanes” pretty much on repeat lately.  Also Little Dragon “Machine Dreams”.

Your favourite video this year is…

Mum – “Sing Along” Dir. Kevin Phillips

«Kevin has an incredible eye.  His video really blew me away».

Your favourite video this year is…

Mum – “Sing Along” Dir. Kevin Phillips

«Kevin has an incredible eye.  His video really blew me away».

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