TOP5 Vidéoclips d’Eli Stonberg!

Si vous n’avez pas encore lu l’entrevue avec Eli, courez vite en faire la lecture! Voici son TOP5 Vidéoclips!

Top 5 music videos:

Jay Z – “99 Problems” Dir. Mark Romanek

During my freshmen year of college a friend referred me to Mark Romanek’s personal website.  It had high quality quicktimes of his body of work and I realized that not only had I seen most of his videos, but many of them were personal favorites from my youth.   This discovery was the exact moment that made me want to be a music video director.  In my opinion, 99 Problems is hands down the best hip hop video of all time.  You’ve seen many videos like this before and after… but none of them have the energy and iconic imagery that Romanek conjures up with HOV.

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist Dir. Kuntz and Maguire

Pure Madness!  What a ridiculous video.  And the great part is it’s essentially just a literal interpretation of the song.  Kuntz and Maguire are responsible for a few of the greatest music videos of all time – Electric 6 “Danger High Voltage”, Bumblebeez “Dr. Love”, etc etc.  Good stuff.

Metronomy – “A Thing for Me”  Dir. Megaforce

It never hurts to have a killer track to work with.  This song is almost as addicting as the video.  It’s a simple idea with a ton of quirky little ideas packed into it.  Megaforce are known for their use of seamless transitions and those badass techniques are clearly on display here.  But by far the best part is how they fuck with the lyrics of the track.  you goat maya art uno…

The Chemical Brothers – “Believe”  Dir. Dom & Nic

I was watching MTV Europe once when they dedicated the whole show to the videos of the Chemical Brothers and damn do they have some gems.  I’m just a sucker for trippy high energy videos… ‘cuff me.

Phoenix – “Funky Squaredance” Dir. Roman Coppola

Roman Coppola is my idol.  As an inventor and music video director, Roman has mastered the two jobs that I aspire to ‘be when I grow up’.  If you check out his body of work you realize that the man is full of great ideas… and he packs so many of them into this video!  I’m a big fan of videos with audience participation and so I just love the blinking scene (especially fun if you watch with a group).   This is music video hypnosis at its best.

  1. Metronomy – “A Thing for Me” Dir. Megaforce…

    … maison de malajube dans porté disparu?

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